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Basics of Typography in UX Designs

Samuel AdeniyiAdedayo A.

When you use fonts, typefaces and the organization of texts to create readability, usability, and user-friendly interfaces, this is typography. It plays a vital role in your brand’s perception, and should be at the forefront of your design process...

5 Conceptual Mistakes That Could Waste Your Design Efforts.

Samuel AdeniyiAdedayo A.

Utility, simplicity, originality, intuitiveness, and continued improvement are the basic principles of solid web design. So I’ve decided to highlight some most important but not most obvious pitfalls which may lead to an unwanted outcome.

8 Simple Rules of Thumb Applicable To Design

Samuel AdeniyiAdedayo A.

After years of practice, trials and errors, and failures, Humans create rules of thumb to act as principles for subsequent actions. Among others, I’ve picked out with examples a few notable ones that you can apply in your creative design activities.

The Power of Web Design in Human-Centric Branding

Samuel AdeniyiAdedayo A.

You may have heard that humans’ attention spans are shorter than those of goldfish. This emphasizes the importance of grabbing your audience’s attention from the first moment. On the internet, you have an average of about 3–5 seconds to deliver...

How Much Does A Website Cost: A Simple Guide To Web Design Pricing

Samuel AdeniyiAdedayo A.

You've considered launching a new website for your business. Normally it should be a straightforward process, but navigating the intricate world of web design pricing and finding the ideal developers can be an overwhelming and anxiety-inducing task..